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Dun Yu Technology Co., Ltd.

Dun Yu Technology is composed of a group of elite teams who have long been committed to the design and manufacture of heat dissipation. They specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of various heat dissipation products.

Dun Yu Technology actively invests in the development of green energy-saving products in line with the concept of sustainable business management and the responsibility of responding to environmental protection. In 2012, the pet market is generally filled with non-long-lasting cool and warm series products, which has long plagued pets. In order to solve the needs of pet owners to keep warm and cool pets, Dunhuang Technology has started to invest in manpower and material resources to develop safety products such as seasonal products and bite-proof lines that can help the baby to survive the winter and summer. For the benefit of pets and owners

Beetle Pet safety products

Innovative design helps the baby to spend the winter and summer

Anti-bite transmission line / net route / extension cord / pet warm pad / pet cool pad

Innovative design