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Pet-specific ice bed

Beetle Icy pad is the only choice for your beloved pet to have an amazing, cool/comfortable place in the summer time

  • Beetle Icy pad has a dedicated high-tech thermoelectric device Peltier, no compressor and refrigerant , an absolutely green product for the earth environmental protection
  • Dedicated high-tech thermal conductivity capability, allows for quick, efficient cool down 5℃(8℉) below room temperture
  • Two-stage temperature control design , allowing the adjustment of temperture level on pad as desired
  • Ultra-low electric power consumption, consistently 24 hours a day, at a consumption rate of 30 ~ 90W energy saving
  • Beetle Icy pet pad for pets is launched exclusively and already patented in multiple countries
  • lnternational standard electrical specifications, AC 100 ~ 240V globally acceptable
  • 100% Made in Taiwan, quality assurance
  • Cool for 24 hours!

    Patented design with high-tech thermoelectric device Peltier technology and heating pipe design to consistantly maintain the aluminum surface with a warm & cool/comfortable temperature at any time

    Secure anti-bite design

    power cords encased within an anti-bite soft metal hose that effectively prevents pet bite damage and electric shock

    S 53X70X20(cm)  L 75X100X21(cm)